Fun Activities for Dogs in the Fall!


Now that the weather is cooling down (depending where you are), and the leaves are changing colors, and fall is slowly coming into focus, let’s talk about some awesome fun activities for dogs and their humans.


First, if you live in more of a rural area, going on leisurely walks, is one of the best fun activities for dogs you can do. You’re spending quality time, your strolling, no fast pace, and you’re enjoying your scenery.  Who am I kidding? Even if you don’t live in a rural area you can still do this fun activity for dogs. A walk is one of the simplest and probably most enjoy activities you can do with a dog. But doing it when fall is coming or just hitting is beyond beautiful. You’ll get to enjoy the changing colors of the leaves, and the moments of beautiful brisk wisps of fresh air. Even if you have to drive to your local park, this is one of the better fun activities for dogs in the fall. Simply for the bonding experience, what’s better than a man (or woman) and his or her dog on a beautiful fall day?


Ok, what’s next for more fun activities for dogs in the fall, you can venture out to dog parks. The grass is still alive and green, and sort of fluffy. But then you have the beautiful trees and changing colors of the leaves, yes, I know, I keep going back to the changing colors of the leaves, because honestly that’s the best part!  Looking around and seeing all the various oranges, yellows, reds and the leaves and feeling that gentle breeze that comes through the trees and makes the leaves rustle. Ok, so another fun aspect of the dog park, would be obviously play dates with the other dogs, during this beautiful time. So aside from the best part, the changing colors of the leaves, you get to do doggy dates.


More fun activities for dogs to do in the fall, it may not seem like it, but going to the beach. Even though you may think that’s crazy, it’s not, and here’s why. First, no one’s on the beach! It’s the perfect time, because during the summer it’s so crowded, you don’t really get to enjoy the beach as much as you probably should, especially for your furry friend. So, going to the beach and allowing your dog to dig, and roll, and play, and just enjoy him or herself. This activity would probably make the best for photos.